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The Business Model of Uber
by Armin Laidre

Uber is a mobile app which provides on-demand service by connecting passengers to taxi cab drivers. Read about the business model of Uber.

Top 5 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur
by Armin Laidre

If you ever desired to be an entrepreneur, you need to examine your characteristics. Here are the top five qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

Strategic Plan Template for Nonprofits
by Armin Laidre

Strategic plan template for nonprofits. Included are standard sections such as Values, Goals, SWOT Analysis and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Free file download in Microsoft Word format to create your non-profit organization's (NPO) annual strategic road map.

Strategic Planning: What is a SWOT Analysis?
by Armin Laidre

SWOT is a common section of a strategic plan that can help managers evaluate the chances that a certain project will succeed. Read more about SWOT-analysis in the context of strategic planning.

What is What-if Analysis?
by Armin Laidre

What-if Analysis, also defined as Sensitivity Analysis is a technique used to determine how projected performance is affected by changes in the assumptions that those projections are based upon

Should an Entrepreneur Waste Time With SMART Goals?
by Adam Hoeksema

What are SMART goals for business. See examples of SMART objectives and goals.

The Importance of Financial Ratios
by Armin Laidre

What are the most important financial ratios for business financial analysis. ROE, ROA, Gross Margin, Current Ratio, ISCR, DSCR and more.

Starting a Business: 10 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur
by Armin Laidre

Starting a business? What makes an entrepreneur successful? Read about the top qualities expected from entrepreneurs.

Strategic Plan Template for Business
by Armin Laidre

This is a complete strategic plan template for business. Included are must-have sections such as Goals, SWOT Analysis, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Provided is a free file download in MS Word format to create your company's next annual strategic plan.

Risk Analysis - A Key Section of Your Business Plan
by Armin Laidre

This article describes the importance of including a discussion of risks in a business plan. Three categories of risk – general business, industry specific and company specific can be used as a framework for the analysis

What Makes a Great Salesman?
by John Montana

Check the qualities that you as a salesman or saleswoman should practice and practice until it is an unconscious part of who you are. Find out what makes a great salesperson.

How to Write a Business Plan for a Restaurant
by Armin Laidre

Need a business plan for a restaurant, bar or cafe? Read this how-to article about business planning in restaurant business. Sample B plan template included

5 Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Business Online
by Armin Laidre

A proper marketing and promotion plan can be put together without heavy spending. There are a variety of low-cost marketing methods available.

What Can Crowdfunding Do for Your New Business
by Josh Rodriguez

Crowdfunding happens any time a crowd of individuals puts money together to fund a start-up or make a donation. This can happen in a four different ways.

Microfinance: An Investment In A Better World
by Jacqueline Lee

Microfinance: By making loans in small amounts to poor entrepreneurs, microlenders give people the chance to lift themselves out of poverty.

Where to Get Money to Start a Business
by Alanna Ritchie

A vast majority of startup capital comes from credit cards, bank loans and lines of credit. Here are five places you may not have looked for money to cover your initial costs.

Small Business Loans: Finding the Right Loan in Today’s Landscape
by Ty Kiisel

Lending for small business owners has been in decline for the last several years. Nevertheless, there are still options available to finance your operations, investments and fuel growth.

What is An Action Plan?
by Armin Laidre

An action plan is a list of sequential activities and well-defined steps that outline the most important priorities to focus on so you can get your small business off the ground.

5 Ways to Define Expense Categories For Business
by Veronika Tondon

Business expenses should be divided into categories in order to be able to create accurate benchmarks. Read this article to learn how.

How to Name a Business - a Complete Naming Guide
by Khalan Bridges

Looking for a good name for your business? Here is a complete naming guide on how to choose a successful and memorable name for a business.

Top 5 Ideas for Starting an Online Business
by Charles Green

There are many ideas for online business, you just need to find one that you like and have some knowledge about.

Six Low-Cost Home Business Ideas
by Ed White

You might find that you have the talent and ability to start up your own business and leave the struggling job market to someone else. An important factor in making any such decision is cost - especially if you're doing this alone and with limited funds.

4 Most Common Financial Projection Mistakes That Scare Away Investors
by Adam Hoeksema

Securing a funding for a small business is not easy. Many entrepreneurs tend to make common mistakes with their pro forma financial statements presented to investors.

The Top 10 Benefits of the Online Software Model
by Charles Green

Read about the top 10 benefits of web-based online application software model.

The Compelling Advantages of Web Based Business Software
by Armin Laidre

Web-based software offers advantages over desktop programs. Cost savings, efficiency, employee productivity, better communications and data security are the key factors.

About Entrepreneurship Best Practices: Defining Your Marketing Budget
by Armin Laidre

Coming up with a professional marketing budget is no easy task. You have to discuss about customer base, cost tracking and customer acquisition.

Pro Forma Financial Statement: How to Avoid Debt
by Debby McGrew

Here is a brief explanation of a pro forma financial statement, how it can assist your small business and how it can keep you safe from debt

How to Forecast Sales
by Armin Laidre

What is sales forecast and how do you forecast sales? This article discusses the development of a small business sales plan.

Start Your Own Business With Your Tax Return
by Peter Martinez

Have you ever thought about using your tax return to start a new business? Read more.

How to Start a Startup with Venture Capital Funding
by Armin Laidre

How to start a startup funded by venture capital. Discussion of pros and cons of obtaining venture capital funding from the start-up business owner's perspective

Getting Paid as an Entrepreneur
by Debby McGrew

How much should you pay yourself as an entrepreneur. Get paid from start or not? Read more.

The 13 Most Common Types of Small Business Loans
by Armin Laidre

Where to get a small business loan? Read about common types of business loans. Line of credit, micro-loans, asset loans, expansion loans, SBA loans, start-up loans and more types of small business lending explained.

Starting a Business - Define Your Value Proposition
by Armin Laidre

This article explains the importance of defining your company's value proposition. It includes three step process with SWOT-analysis.

Previous financial performance and prediction of bankruptcy
by Oliver Lukason

This article discusses the question whether financial statements from the past help us to predict forthcoming business bankruptcy and if they do, then how exactly.

Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet Explained
by Armin Laidre

Sample business financial statements explained. What is, and how to understand income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet.

How to Start a Startup with the Lean Start-up Methodology
by Armin Laidre

How to start a startup? The Lean Startup approach is about creating and launching a new business model, a product or service when customers need it. This new methodology for startups relies on research, validation and iterative product releases.

How to Write a Market Analysis Portion of a Business Plan
by Charles Green

What is market analysis. Read this how-to article about how to develop a market analysis section for your business plan.

Cash Flow Statement - How to Improve Your Operating Cash Position
by Armin Laidre

What is cash flow, how to read a statement of cash flows, how to improve your net operating cash flow position by using smart management strategies

A Small Business Guide to Planning Your Marketing Strategy
by Armin Laidre

What is a marketing strategy and how to plan it - your road-map to success

How to Start a Startup with a Good Business Idea
by Armin Laidre

How to start a startup with a good business idea. Read this how-to article about generating a new business idea.

Forecasting Your Business - Tips and Tools
by Charles Green

What is business forecasting? Read about how entrepreneurs can focus their business planning using various forecasting methods, techniques and tools.

Sample Template for an Executive Summary
by Stephen Cunnell

How to write a executive summary? Make use of this sample executive summary template for your next business plan

What Should We Know About Executive Summary of a Business Plan?
by Oliver Lukason

What is a executive summary? How to write a good summary for your next business plan

How to Calculate a Break-Even Analysis
by Armin Laidre

What is break-even point analysis and why it is important for an entrepreneur? Read this how-to article about break-even point calculation and equation formula.

How to Start a Startup with a Government Grant
by Armin Laidre

Small business grants are available for even startup businesses. Read what is grant funding and how to make use of government money.

How to Create a Business Financial Plan
by Charles Green

Read how to create a financial section for your business plan and to develop pro-forma financial statements like sales forecast, income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet.

What is Strategic Planning
by Armin Laidre

Learn the importance of Strategic Planning Process and make your business keep going and growing

Starting a Startup: What is a Business Plan?
by Charles Green

What is business plan, and what is in it? A business plan is a document that lays out all of the important components of your undertaking and serves as a road map to success. B plans explained

How to Start a Startup With the Right Business Model
by Armin Laidre

What is business model and how to generate it?. How to start a startup with the right business model? Read about the building blocks on the business modeling canvas.

How to Start a Startup with a Good Business Plan
by Visionquest

What is a business plan and what is in a b plan? Read how important is it to have a clear, concise and well researched road-map to success.

How to Start a Startup with a Good Elevator Pitch
by Armin Laidre

Your elevator pitch - get it done, and fast. An article about what shall be included in a good elevator pitch when you start your next startup.

How to Develop a Marketing Plan
by Charles Green

How to create your next marketing plan with a sample template. Critical elements like target customer segments, marketing strategy, metrics and ROI defined.

Two Sides of the Venture Capital Coin – Investing in Startups
by Charles Green

Take a look at the two sides of the coin of venture capital investment, including information for venture capital investors and entrepreneurs.

How to Start an Online Startup: The 15 Vital Steps
by Charles Green

Looking for a ways to start a startup business online? This is a step-by-step guide to help to get started with your new online business venture.

Business Plan Template versus Planning Software
by Armin Laidre

Writing a business plan? Make use of professional business plan template or software program

Getting Venture Capital Funds for Your Business
by Armin Laidre

How to fund your business with risk capital or stock capital from private equity investors - business angels and venture capital firms

Juggling Payments for Better Cash Flow
by Armin Laidre

Read how to improve your cash flow with clever timing of making and receiving payments

The In's and Out's of Small Business Financing.
by Kristin Callahan

The internet is an excellent place to scan through the business financing. Any financial needs your company may have can be met with the right type of small business financing.

Business Planning Software Can Help To Boost Your Success
by Armin Laidre

Starting a business? Read how business planning software can help you succeed faster.

How Having Freelance Help Can Help Solopreneurs Survive and Thrive
by Courtney Rosenfeld

If you are a solopreneur then getting freelance or tech-based help can make your life a little easier.

3 Things You Need to Keep Your Inventory-Based Business Running in the Right Direction
by Marcus Lansky

Read about important things you need to consider in order to keep your inventory-based business running smoothly and in the right direction

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