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iPlanner.NET's mission is to provide entrepreneurs and business support organizations with highly professional online software and services for collaborative business planning, -modeling and financial forecasting.

It is our goal to support entrepreneurs, business mentors, investors and advisers around the globe, by providing an easy-to-use, yet professional business- and financial planning tools.

Our customers include small business supporting organizations, start-up accelerators, business incubators - essentially anyone who needs professional business planning and modeling tools at a great value. Since Y2002, we have served customers from over 60 countries worldwide.

Custom business plan software

We provide business support organizations, crowd-funding sites and start-up accelerators with custom business plan software solutions. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Here's a sample, bespoke business plan application built for a crowd-funding site in the US.

Who we are

Our team members include professionals experienced in web development and coding, business planning and financial modeling. Together, we provide a unique portfolio mix of competencies in order to provide entrepreneurs and business support organizations with what they need to develop well-designed business plans that will help get their start-ups off the ground.

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Our busy office

iPlanner.NET's servers and network infrastructure are hosted by a world-class services of HostWay, a leading provider of enterprise-grade solutions. Intermedia has multiple world-class tier-4 data centers in the United States and Europe.

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