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What is iPlanner.NET

Online Business Planning Software

iPlanner is a fast, secure and easy to use online business planning software aimed to help entrepreneurs, investors and business support organizations to develop their projects based on business plans. Typical users of iPlanner software include small business owners, serial entrepreneurs, advisers, mentors, equity investors and VC's. Students and faculty also comprise a great portion of iPlanner.NET users.

The web address of iPlanner.NET on-line business plan software is

iPlanner is collaboration-oriented from the start. Project teams are usually composed not only of entrepreneurs, but also mentors, investors and a CPA. Working on a shared and uniformly structured plan document can raise project development to a whole new level, because all data is managed centrally and parties can safely access it whenever necessary.

iPlanner business- and financial planning application links the key areas of corporate financial functions, and its "what-if" financial modeling allows the development of sustainable business plans and financial projections. For short-term planning, there is a "Performance" module, which processes the economic activities of a enterprise by months and quarters. Meanwhile, it is also possible to compare plans and results, as well as various performance metrics and financial ratios.

iPlanner business plans and financial spreadsheets have a uniform composition. This allows entrepreneurs, advisers, mentors and investors to concentrate their attention on content, without wasting time on structural issues.

Each iPlanner business plan has its own unique web address (URI), which allows convenient access to the project without the need for off-line files or printed documents.