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Team Building

To create your team and add new members, go to the "My Team" worksheet.
The project should be already opened.

In order to add team members, click on the "Add new member" link. A new window opens.
Type e-mail address and select the role of the new team member.
In case you want to add several members at once, separate the e-mail addresses by comma, semicolon or line break. Feel free to add your comment to the invitation letter. Click "OK".

New members will be automatically sent an e-mail with an invitation to join with your project at iPlanner.NET.

It is also possible to add members directly on the users list (table). Pick an empty row and input the data. After data has been entered, click "OK". In that case, new members will be automatically sent an e-mail with their username and machine-generated password. Users can change their passwords after logging in.

Project team building

About user roles

Project owners can add new members, remove (delete) and change user data. They can save changes in business plan. Therefore the owner has project administrator rights.
 Consultant  Consultants can save changes in business plan. They do not have the right to supervise project members.
 Viewer Viewers can see business plan content and project members. They cannot save business plan changes or project members list.

When a new user is added, the system checks whether this user has already been registered. If the username and e-mail address entered match existing user data, said user will receive an additional membership. In such cases, a new password (or invitation) will not be generated. An automatic e-mail will be sent regarding the additional membership. Accordingly, any iPlanner user can simultaneously be a member of several projects or workspaces, using the same username/password.

The username is a user's ID. Usernames cannot be changed (but you can change the password). When a new user is entered and the system informs you that the username already exists, then you should select another username, or enter the "right" e-mail address (i.e. an address, which the iPlanner has in its system) of the existing user. In this case, the existing user will receive an additional membership.

If a person with administrator rights changes the e-mail address of a user who has not logged in before, said user receives an automatic e-mail with a new password. One of the reasons for such a change could be that an incorrect e-mail address was entered earlier.

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