Sample Template for an Executive Summary


Although positioned at the beginning of the business plan the executive summary is best completed at the end. It's primary purpose is to "sell" the plan to the intended audience, enticing them to read on. It should be an easy-to-read overview presented concisely, ideally on one side of A4.

Opening statement: the essence of what the business is about (maximum two sentences, making them interesting).

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Brief company profile: what the business exists to do (i.e. its mission); in one sentence sum up what your customers (and others) will say about your business in 5 years time (i.e. your vision); headline summary of key sales and profit objectives;

/ your content /

Team profile(s): briefly introduce you and the team with relevant background, experience; what you and the team are good at, including key successes

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Product/service and business model: what is the product and/or service; the typical target customers; the specific difference the offer makes for them; its key advantage(s) versus the competition; the route(s) to access the target market; how it will be provided and delivered

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Summary goal/purpose of the business plan: what funding is still required, stating its use; investments made so far (and by whom); when the initial investment will be recovered (i.e. payback period); any interest and dividends payable; what is your "end game" and how will you eventually plan to exit the business

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