How Having Freelance Help Can Help Solopreneurs Survive and Thrive


Looking forward to running your own small business? If you are a solopreneur who is starting a business, you will need some help to see success and avoid stress along the way. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat, but getting freelance or tech-based help with these small business needs can make it a little easier.

Web Development

Creating a website may seem like a simple feat, but going it alone could prevent your startup from standing out among the competition. Instead of wasting your time on basic online web-building tools, think about investing in freelance help Upwork CSS developers, who can provide help with web fundamentals, front-end CSS structures like Bootstrap or Foundation, and CSS preprocessors like Sass and LESS. Upwork has a diverse pool of candidates poised to fit all of your freelance needs, but you may be wondering why you should invest in professional CSS development help in the first place. CSS is a markup language used in website development to create customized sites that are easy for even the least tech-savvy to make changes to, which means using CSS can save entrepreneurs valuable time. If you haven’t learned this yet, know that time is priceless for new small business owners, so finding ways to make your time more productive can just as important as maximizing a budget.

Administrative Assistance

Whether you are looking to launch a creative business or a busy food truck, getting your business off the ground can take a lot of hard work. Since you will spend so much of your time cultivating customers and promoting your new business, you are not likely to have all the time you need for administrative tasks. These administrative duties, like keeping track of calendars and inputting data, may not be the most exciting aspects of becoming an entrepreneur but that are just as crucial to the success of your small business.

So, how can you make sure your business’s needs are met when you can’t seem to find the time for administrative work? You could automate your administrative workload, which can keep your work organized and your days productive. Still, getting your administrative activities sorted this way can take time, which is a commodity many budding entrepreneurs just don’t have. So instead of wasting your valuable time on these mundane tasks, hire a virtual assistant. You can typically find candidates for this type of freelance work on the same freelance sites listed above, but specialty sites can provide resources for those who need real estate virtual assistants.

Creative Content Development

With freelance consultants building your website and a virtual assistant helping with administrative tasks, you should have more time to focus on launching your business. If you want that business to succeed, you need to work on creative elements that should be part of any small business marketing plan. For instance, avoiding content mistakes such as using too much business jargon or complicated wording in blog posts can repel potential clients and customers. Since these sorts of creative processes can be so critical to the success of your new startup, it may be best to leave them up to pros. You can hire freelancers to help out with your website’s creative content by using some of the same freelance job sites mentioned before. Freelancers can provide valuable assistance with writing, photography, or any other creative project you don’t have the skills or time to tackle on your own. If you’re leery of hiring freelancers, however, think about testing the waters with smaller projects first. You could have a candidate help edit a blog post at first, then progress to larger assignments.

As a solopreneur, there’s no shame in asking for or hiring help. After all, you are responsible for every aspect of your small business’s success. So, getting the freelance or tech-based help you need can not only save you some stress; it can give you an edge over the competition.

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