The Top 10 Benefits of the Online Software Model


The Internet has provided companies of all sizes with a great deal of flexibility over the procurement and usage of their software. Not too long ago, the only choice companies had was the old fashioned file and print server model, with a dedicated server at the company headquarters or satellite office and users logging on to that box to get the software and files they needed.

These days, companies have a number of other choices when it comes to providing their employees with the resources they need, including web-based software services. This online model lets employees access the files and programs they want and get the data they need to do their jobs, without being tied down to a single office or a dedicated file server.

Just consider some of the top benefits your company can achieve by going to an online web-based software model.

1. Let your employees work from anywhere - when you use an online model, your workers can log on from anywhere in the world and get the data they need to do their jobs.

2. No need to download and install any programs – when you install software on a computer there is always the risk of incompatibility and damage to the system. With web-based software there are no such risks, since you never actually have to download and install anything on your local computer.

3. Uses a pay as you go model – chances are your company has lots of software applications it barely uses, but you still have to pay for those programs. With web-based applications you can use a pay as you go model and just pay for the software you actually use. And of course there is plenty of free yet professional software available as well.

4. There is nothing to own and maintain – when you buy software, you also have to buy an expensive maintenance and support package, but with software as a service, or SaaS, there are no such expenses. There is nothing to own, and you simply use the program as you see fit.

5. Scalability – the ability to scale up quickly is essential for small startup businesses. If you land a lucrative new contract you need to be able to scale your operations up quickly to handle the extra work, and scale things down just as quickly when the project has ended. Web-based software lets you do just that.

6. Always up to date – running outdated code could be costing your company money in missing features and lost productivity. With the web based approach to modern IT management you will always be working with the latest software tools on the market.

7. Integrated mobile functions – these days executives are as likely to use their smart phones as their computers. With an online application model employees can access the apps and the files they need while on the go.

8. Easy collaboration – in the world of business it is essential to keep everyone on the same page. With software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology, workers from around the country and around the world can easily collaborate on projects and share ideas with one another.

9. No specific platform requirements – you know how frustrating it can be when a particular piece of software works only with one or two operating systems. With online application the platform does not matter – all you need is a web browser and a connection to the Internet.

10. Social networking functions – social networking is working its way into the business world, and cloud-based solution allows users to integrate the features they are used to using, including chat sessions, instant messaging and discussion threads, into their everyday working lives.

Small businesses everywhere can benefit from the software as a service and cloud-based software models. The benefits outlined above are just the tip of the iceberg for small business owners, entrepreneurs and others who need to get more done with fewer resources.

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