Modello di piano finanziario

Need a financial plan section for your business plan?
The financial section of any business plan includes various financial statements and ratios that show where a company is heading financially. This information helps to find out how much financing a company needs and helps investors and lenders determine whether investing into the business is a justified use of funds.

The financial plan template below includes all components of a common business financial plan section.

  • Riepilogo
  • Fatturato e spese variabili
  • Analisi Break-even
  • Altri ricavi di esercizio
  • Spese di funzionamento
  • Spese dipendenti
  • Altre spese di funzionamento
  • Immobilizzazioni
  • Finanziamenti
  • Capitale azionario versato
  • Prestiti a rata costante
  • Prestiti
  • Piano finanziario
  • Conto economico
  • Rendiconto flussi di cassa
  • Stato Patrimoniale
  • Indicatori per la performance

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