Business Strategic Plan

  • Executive Summary

    The Executive Summary of your strategic plan should be completed last, and this section basically summarizes each of the other sections of your plan. It's important since the summary will help the stakeholders such as employees, advisors and investors understand and support your plan.

  • Company Mission Statement

    The company mission statement explains why your business exist and what your company is trying to accomplish. It may seem insignificant, but actually it’s not. It aids in two ways: first, the mission statement guides your employees to make the decisions that are in line with the company’s goal, and second, it inspires external parties such as partners and investors to take the actions that you want. 

  • SWOT Analysis

    The reason to include a SWOT-analysis, or in other words analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, is to help you determine the best opportunities to pursue to achieve your growth goals. It also helps you identify which strengths must be further developed to improve your competitive advantages.

  • Goals

    Setting a realistic goal and accomplishing it is the hallmark of every successful company. It's also a key element of your strategic plan. First, you have to identify your long-term (say, a 5 year) goal, then identify your one-year goals. The one year goals should be the steps that will help you to achieve the 5 year goal.

  • KPI's

    Successful businesses understand their metrics. KPIs or Key Performance Indicators helps you to know how your business is performing and you can adjust accordingly.  

    You may want to upload a Worksheet that includes the KPI's relevant to your business entity.

  • Target Customers

    In this section, you pinpoint the needs and wants of each of the targeted customer groups. This is crucial because it helps you focus your marketing efforts and getting a higher return on advertising budget.

  • Industry Analysis

    The industry analysis doesn’t have to be an all-inclusive report on what’s going on in the market. However, to identify new opportunities for growth and profit, you should address the question about whether the market is growing. And if not, you may want to diversify, and/or find new market segments with growth potential.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Just like the industry analysis, your competitive analysis doesn’t have to be an in-depth report listing every little detail about all your competitors. You should focus on your key competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. Importantly, you can use this analysis to identify your current competitive advantages and points of improvements.

  • Marketing Plan

    The marketing plan will express ideas and steps to be taken on how you will attract future prospects, turn them to paying customers and maximize their lifetime value. 

    You may want in upload your next year's marketing budget at the Worksheet section.

  • Team

    This section ensures that you have appropriate human resources to execute on the growth opportunities and strategic goals. This section should include a list of your current key team members,  their main role, and identify which type of skilled employees you need to hire in the next year.

  • Operations Plan

    Operations plan transforms goals and opportunities into reality. In this section, include details of each individual projects and how these projects will be completed to achieve the goals defined. 

    You may want to upload a Gantt chart (at the Images section) to express when each project will begin and who will have the responsibility to lead each team. 

  • Financials

    Financials is the final section of your strategic plan.  Once you have determined the opportunities you will pursue, your financial projections will map out the goals. 

    Address the assumptions, limitations and important details relevant to your financial plan. Upload the projections at the Images section (you may upload your Excel worksheets)

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