Strategy Designer™ - Pricing and Sign-up


Level Number of plans* Price for 12 months**  
AUp to 3 plans$59 
BUp to 5 plans$99 
CUp to 10 plans$159 
DUp to 50 plans$1,250 
EUp to 100 plans$2,550 
FUp to 200 plans$4,950 

* Pricing is based on the number of Strategic Plan documents saved in the system. The number of users, i.e., team members working on the plans, is unlimited.

** This is a single, one-time payment for the whole 12-month service period. No monthly charges. No auto-renewals. You can renew your subscription for another 12-month term when it expires.

Custom, in-house strategic plan templates are included with the service level F.

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Let us set up an account for your organization. Get in touch for a quote. Send us your requirements and we will tell you how Strategy Designer™ can make your business plan development process more efficient and agile.


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  • "This tool provides a detailed and versatile setup for collaborative planning among many different team members in an organization"
    Mark Thompson, Independent Contractor
  • "Simple user interface. Variety of templates. International approach"
    Michael Cohn, PC Magazine
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    Max Wilson, CIO Review
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    Arron Smith, Insights Success Media Tech
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What's included with the service

Strategy Designer™ provides Executive Teams a secure framework to work on shared plans independently and simultaneously.

  • Every Strategic Plan project has its own team members engaged in different roles, such as Project Owners, Advisors, and Viewers.
  • There are free add-ons to the Service Level F:
    • Custom plan templates. Entities of an organization may need different plan templates, depending on their function and/or business model.
    • On-site training workshops. The trainer’s travel and accommodation costs shall be reimbursed by the client.

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