For entrepreneurs

Whether you are planning to start a new business, or you need to plan for the development of your existing company, iPlanner is here to help you.

iPlanner has supported thousands of entrepreneurs around the world in starting and growing their businesses, and to make better business decisions through assessing the facts and risks in a structured way.

iPlanner.NET makes business planning easy for you through:

  • A selection of easy-to-use business plan templates to suit your particular circumstances
  • Powerful software taking the pain out of those tricky financial calculations and allowing trial of "what if?" variations to your initial forecasts
  • Self-help online guides explaining key business concepts and ideas
  • Inviting a mentor to review and comment on your plan online as you work on it

You can work on your project at any time, pausing when needed to save and come back to it later. The iPlanner’s system architecture is secure so your plan remain confidential unless you choose to share them online with a mentor or trusted friend.

Business plan examples

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